Find Your Style

If you want:

A balanced class with emphasis on poses.

A fast paced vigorous workout.

An introspective workout that heightens self-awareness.

A relaxing yoga experience.


Beginner, Intermediate.

Yoga Flow*
*sequence changes each practice

Kripalu, Yin Yoga

Relax Deeply

How it works:

Uses props such as chairs & blocks. Emphasis on precise body alignment.

Uses continuous flow of postures. Deep breathing is synchronized with movements to create a body-purifying heat.

Class is led through three phases- body, mind, spirit.

Uses restorative postures to unleash the bodies pent up tension and calm the mind.

What to expect:

Props help adapt poses to student’s abilities. Emphasis on standing poses.

Dance-like, series of poses repeated without breaks. Certain postures require athleticism- you’ll probably sweat!

Focus on body awareness, breathing and intuition. Involves prolonged poses.

Good for everyone. Safe for those recovering from illness or injury.

How do I know what level to attend?

Please see our class descriptions.