Opening Energy Channels - Feet, Leg & Arm Loops

  with Helen Maupin

Helen Maupin

Helen Maupin

In Asana practice, we begin by opening and strengthening the outer, gross body — skin, muscle and bones.  Once greater capacity is achieved, we move deeper into the energetic body — organs and nadis (energy channels).  In this workshop, you will get in touch with and access various energy channels in the body, which will enable you to address deeper, concreted habits.  By concentrating our focus on moving energy rather than fascia, muscle or bone, we can open hardened physical habits where even the breath has not succeeded.

Saturday March 2
1 - 4:30 pm
$55 + GST

Advanced registration required. No refunds or credit for cancellations or missed workshop.

Recommended for students at the intermediate level & beyond.
Hours from this workshop eligible towards YCW ATT 500 certification.

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