Yoga Centre Teacher Training Testimonials


Corley Magnusson

I highly recommend the Yoga Centre Winnipeg’s Teacher Training Program.  I took this teacher training program a number of years ago and it was a beautiful and life changing experience for me. 

I can tell you that it was very fun, I connected with a lovely community of wonderful people, I learned a tremendous amount about myself and about yoga.  The benefits from my participation extended off the mat and into my life as this level of learning and practice shifted the way I saw and experienced things in my life for the better.

I recommend the program to anyone who is interested in the yoga path, in doing something special to reconnect with themselves, or in teaching yoga.  I felt “unready” when I started but it is one of the best things I have done in my life.  I will tell you that if you are thinking about it, the best time is now!

The quality of Yoga Centre’s teacher training is excellent.  I found having the training span two years to be very important for my development so that I could properly integrate the teaching into my practice and teaching.  I personally don’t think I would have quite the level of teaching skill if I had completed a program that was condensed into a shorter time period.

This studio was one of the first yoga studios in Winnipeg and Jan and Shauna have tremendous experience as well as a beautiful and loving presence.  Their own commitment to the yoga practice is reflected in their teaching.  I will add that since completing Yoga Centre’s Teacher Training, I have done many yoga trainings with international and Canadian teachers and I can say that the quality of teaching from Jan and Shauna is exceptional.  We are so fortunate to have these wonderful teachers in Winnipeg.  If you are considering a teacher training, please consider Yoga Centre’s program!

Melanie Zurba

YCWTT 200hrs 2014

The teacher training program through Yoga Centre Winnipeg is a balanced, professional, and accessible program for all who love yoga. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities for personal growth that were made possible through one on one sessions with the instructors, the length of the program, and the workshops with other students. I would recommend the Yoga Centre to anyone wishing to attain a teachable level in the foundations of yoga, or anyone who just loves yoga and wants to expand their personal practice.

Sandra McNeill

YCWTT 200hrs 2013

The teacher training from Yoga Centre Winnipeg was very well rounded. Not only did I feel fully prepared and confident to begin teaching, but I truly felt that I had grown in my own practice. I graduated the training with a desire to keep learning and growing as both a teacher and student.

Larry Isacoff

YCWTT 2010

Teacher Training at Yoga Centre Winnipeg is a deep, measured experience. Two years allows for the body and spirit to integrate the work. The training is like a slow cooker, patiently blending the teachings in with your personal practice and life experience. Those two years of training guided me towards a renewed way of living my Yoga and my life. Every class I teach or take builds on the guidance and mentor ship that Yoga Centre Teacher Training provided and continues to provide.


It feels like my second home! It is a very happy place. I love working there, I love coming to classes, I love the Teacher Training. All the instructors are absolutely wonderful. But what I love most are Jan and Shauna with their incredible knowledge, their wisdom, their generosity, their support, their kindness and everything they do for me. I feel very privileged to be here.
Thank you so much!