Yoga Centre Teacher Training Testimonials


Melanie Zurba

YCWTT 200hrs 2014

The teacher training program through Yoga Centre Winnipeg is a balanced, professional, and accessible program for all who love yoga. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities for personal growth that were made possible through one on one sessions with the instructors, the length of the program, and the workshops with other students. I would recommend the Yoga Centre to anyone wishing to attain a teachable level in the foundations of yoga, or anyone who just loves yoga and wants to expand their personal practice.

Sandra McNeill

YCWTT 200hrs 2013

The teacher training from Yoga Centre Winnipeg was very well rounded. Not only did I feel fully prepared and confident to begin teaching, but I truly felt that I had grown in my own practice. I graduated the training with a desire to keep learning and growing as both a teacher and student.

Larry Isacoff

YCWTT 2010

Teacher Training at Yoga Centre Winnipeg is a deep, measured experience. Two years allows for the body and spirit to integrate the work. The training is like a slow cooker, patiently blending the teachings in with your personal practice and life experience. Those two years of training guided me towards a renewed way of living my Yoga and my life. Every class I teach or take builds on the guidance and mentor ship that Yoga Centre Teacher Training provided and continues to provide.

Yoga Centre Class Testimonials




Yoga Centre Winnipeg is a buoy in the ocean of life. It reminds me that I am whole just as I am here and now. That there is nothing to strive for, just to be is enough. I love the diversity of the teacher and student community – all ages and abilities are welcome on the mat, and to many it becomes a home away from home.

I also love that laughter is welcomed in class. Life is celebrated, affirmed, respected in every asana. Together we learn to move and breathe into every cell and every moment with the guidance of expert, kind teachers. And then we learn to let go…At Yoga Centre Winnipeg we learn the art of living an authentic life, and that is the most precious gift of all.

Marilyn K


There are so many reasons why I like coming to the Yoga Centre Winnipeg:  the atmosphere is warm and welcoming; the teachers are all excellent; my physical health and agility have improved;  the practice and philosophy continue to calm my mind and I entertain the possibility that I may one day find an integrated balance; and I have been able to participate in amazing yoga vacations!

Most importantly, particularly following a time of absence, I feel like I’ve come home.
Thank you both for creating such a welcoming, learning environment.

Frances R


I started coming to classes at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg about three years ago. I was looking for a welcoming studio with a casual (as opposed to lulu-lemonish) atmosphere and for a high level of instructor competence.

The welcoming part is really important to me as an older woman. Although I think of yoga as an internal rather than social practice, coming to a place where people know me by name; where young adults and young /not so young seniors learn together, and where gender-inclusivity is valued, feels very good.

As for the teaching: While there are teaching styles and yoga practices that I’m particularly drawn to, I have never left a class feeling I didn’t benefit from it. I might begin the class by thinking the pace or the language of instruction is not what I’m in the mood for. But I have never – not once – left a class without an appreciation for what my body is still capable of doing, and with a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be supported as I learn how to become more accepting in heart and mind. A high endorsement indeed for someone who, in general, is fairly critical of teaching practices.