Yoga Centre Testimonials



For  more than 10 years the Yoga Centre Winnipeg has been the place where I find care-filled instruction of yoga asana, share 30 sunrises each year in early morning practice, study yoga philosophy and explore mediation techniques, enjoy wonderful, supportive  friendships and most importantly, do a better job of wearing my skin with gratitude and contentment.


I love coming to the Yoga Centre because it is a place to grow.
It’s a place to grow in safety.
It’s a place to grow your body with instructions on the mat from the most intelligent, well trained and knowledgeable teachers.
It’s a place to grow your mind with classes that explore more than the physical aspects of yoga.
It’s a place to grow your spirit with the warm welcome you receive every time you walk in the door; with the real caring you receive from instructors and with the special friendships that develop with staff and students. 
This is a very special place to grow your whole being.


I love the variety of classes and offerings available.  I have benefited from the thorough precision of intermediate Hatha classes, the vigorous practice of Ashtanga, and the healing nature of your Restorative yoga.  I appreciate that I do not have to change studios just to change the style of yoga I wish to practice.
The space is calming, serene, and inviting
Staff are friendly, approachable, and very knowledgable.


Yoga Centre Winnipeg is a buoy in the ocean of life. It reminds me that I am whole just as I am here and now. That there is nothing to strive for, just to be is enough. I love the diversity of the teacher and student community – all ages and abilities are welcome on the mat, and to many it becomes a home away from home.

I also love that laughter is welcomed in class. Life is celebrated, affirmed, respected in every asana. Together we learn to move and breathe into every cell and every moment with the guidance of expert, kind teachers. And then we learn to let go…At Yoga Centre Winnipeg we learn the art of living an authentic life, and that is the most precious gift of all.

Karen Burridge

I have a long history of scoliosis and have lived with chronic back, hip and leg pain for many years. There were regular visits to a chiropractor and then visits to a massage therapist which really helped control the issues but they kept telling me that if I don't do some stretching, as in yoga, I am going to seize up!!!! I was terrified to practice yoga as I thought it would hurt my back again since I had a very bad experience with yoga at a community program. My daughter who is a yoga teacher in Vancouver searched out suitable studios for me to go to and decided that Yoga Centre Winnipeg was just right for me!

Then I started the process of persuading and encouraging myself to attend a class at the studio. Accomplishing that was a major feat! I was terrified to say the least! I decided to give it a try and it has changed my life forever!  I spent one year in a beginners class with Jan and she taught me so many things and was an amazing influence on me, always encouraging and helpful especially for pose modifications for my back. In fact I did not want to move on to any other class because she made me feel so comfortable and my back felt so good. It was fabulous. With encouragement from her that I could do this, I did move on to many classes with a range of poses and difficulties that I would work on. This has been such a positive experience for me with positive outcomes. I have also taken meditation classes with Shawna which was life changing for me as I have never done anything like that before and it has helped me deal with so many issues in my life. I have also recommended it to many people I know. Also I have participated in Kirtans which I so love and have learned about the spiritual side of yoga and myself. The breathing techniques have also helped me immensely in my day to day activities.

For many years now I have attended Yoga Centre Winnipeg on a regular basis and have become a much better person physically, emotional and spiritually for it. Yoga is part of my life now and for the future, it maintains me physically at home and at the studio. I take it with me when I travel and it is much better than taking pain medications. It is not a "fad" yoga at this studio but rather a lifestyle change and I am so grateful that I have found this wonderful paradise on earth with such knowledgeable instructors that have helped me so much. Thank you.

Yours in Yoga

Marilyn K

There are so many reasons why I like coming to the Yoga Centre Winnipeg:  the atmosphere is warm and welcoming; the teachers are all excellent; my physical health and agility have improved;  the practice and philosophy continue to calm my mind and I entertain the possibility that I may one day find an integrated balance; and I have been able to participate in amazing yoga vacations!

Most importantly, particularly following a time of absence, I feel like I’ve come home.
Thank you both for creating such a welcoming, learning environment.

Frances R

I started coming to classes at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg about three years ago. I was looking for a welcoming studio with a casual (as opposed to lulu-lemonish) atmosphere and for a high level of instructor competence.

The welcoming part is really important to me as an older woman. Although I think of yoga as an internal rather than social practice, coming to a place where people know me by name; where young adults and young /not so young seniors learn together, and where gender-inclusivity is valued, feels very good.

As for the teaching: While there are teaching styles and yoga practices that I’m particularly drawn to, I have never left a class feeling I didn’t benefit from it. I might begin the class by thinking the pace or the language of instruction is not what I’m in the mood for. But I have never – not once – left a class without an appreciation for what my body is still capable of doing, and with a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be supported as I learn how to become more accepting in heart and mind. A high endorsement indeed for someone who, in general, is fairly critical of teaching practices.


Why do I like coming to the yoga centre?

  • Instructors have a deep understanding of both yoga and the art of teaching yoga
  • The studio feels alive with discovery, challenge, friendship and compassion.
  • I am welcomed, understood and accepted for who I am

 Thanks for everything, always.


In a way, YCW came to me. While at retreat doing a lot of personal seeking a few years back, I was encouraged to come to YCW to "try" yoga. I had intended to for many years but somehow, this was the time and the prompt I needed.

I started with Candace's beginner class and was immediately sold. I loved her considerate approach and commitment to developing our understanding of proper techniques and body awareness. She is a talented and patient woman.

Over time, I was ready to advance and found a home in Cathy's class, where my ever improving practice brought me personal pride, offered sanctuary, restored my clarity and provided me with strength during a significant transition time in my life. The thought of that class pulled me through the week at times and the daily intention that Cathy offered seemed to always resonate perfectly for me. I was healing.

Aside from the fact that YCW is offers exceptional yoga instruction,  I love coming to YCW because it became a part of me and my personal journey. It is a welcoming, nurturing environment where transformation has happened for me. There have been many magical, serendipitous moments for me at YCW and I think of getting back there every day. 


First and foremost, I appreciate the excellent standard of teaching. The instruction is precise, informed and clear. Secondly, I value the individual attention the teachers with whom I have studied provide me as well as others in the class when we need it. It is done gently and with each student's particular needs in mind. I have noticed a change in the culture of the Yoga Centre since first coming in the early 90's. I have experienced what appears to be a more caring, gentler approach to students resulting in what is for me a richer quality in the relationships between teachers and students as well as more effective outcomes for the students.

When I first started, I found the teachers encouraging and precise in their teaching but very edgy. Now, I find the same qualities exist and added to them, an atmosphere of compassion and thoughtfulness I had not experienced in quite the same way before. Accompanied with this approach, there continues to be consistent and persistent reminders for each of us to pay attention to our bodies and the messages we are receiving from our bodies at all phases of the practice: as we enter, stay in and come out of poses.

I had experienced injuries in the past from what seemed to me to be a combination of over zealous perfectionism from some of the teachers that only increased my own self-imposed competitiveness. I now experience a gentler more student-centered approach which helps me take responsibility for myself in a way that results in a much healthier practice. I find each teacher I have had since returning to the Yoga Centre has respected my decisions as to what poses I can do and how far to push myself. This in itself has helped me grow in learning my limitations.

Overall, the Yoga Centre has been a place of learning for me as well as providing many opportunities for me to learn about my body and every other aspect of my being. It has become a place of what I would call an "unpressured community".

Specifically, I want to thank Candace for the excellent way in which she prepares for and teaches our Friday morning Beginners class.
Thanks to everyone.